May 19, 2024

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How AI contributes to Content Marketing?

content marketing

Gone are the days when content writing and content marketing was not as significant of a job as it is now crucial for any organization. They act as one of the most essential assets of any company and are capable of bringing a huge amount of revenue which would have not been thought of either wise.

Content Marketing and AI

Now as Artificial Intelligence in marketing has taken over so many domains and has the potential to jeopardize so many jobs, will it take over the field of content writing as well? Well, I don’t think so as creativity cannot be taken over. But in the 21st century, AI and content marketers have to work closely this is for sure.

AI can help content marketers to improve their relevance so that they can work on something which is the demand of the end-users. Hence, AI can play a significant role in making these content writers or marketers the power of their work and how impactful their service can be on the business performance.

All the organizations have realized that the customer lifecycle is accustomed to AI and thus they have to transform their services accordingly. Every form of work has been converted according to the ease of AI. Due to this, the investment in AI technology solutions has plummeted in the past 2-3 years.

Business Model of Content Marketing

The figures speak for themselves how the business model for most of the content marketing entities has shifted from normal content marketing to advance level AI-based content marketing. As a result, the content creation process has sped up and made it more effective in the longer run. By implementing some of the top listed AI tools has made the content creation similar to a machine learning system that itself has a huge sense of responsibility to how to cater to different sets of the society.

Every change is happening for the good. People have understood that there is a plethora of content available on the internet today but a very small percentage of that is relevant and useful in some sense.

As you can see from the following statistics that expenditure on content has increased up to a scale of 39% of the entire budget. This has improved its effectiveness to 42% and has given better goals to achieve. Due to this brand awareness has also upgraded and with this content writers and marketers have emerged out to be business leaders.

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Important Features

Let’s go through the changes that Artificial Intelligence in marketing has brought in the content marketing field in detail-

  1. Brought more value to the content- AI knows what is the demand of the people, it has been specially designed for the same. The values it brings in helps in modifying the content accordingly. To be more specific, it helps content marketers to pick up topics that are more trending and thus can derive better traffic. But attracting the right set of audience is equally important as those will be the only ones who will improve the revenue. 
  2. Staying updated with the changing trends- The SEO techniques, quality of the content, and consumer expectations have like flipped for the past few years. There was a time when paid advertisements and black linking was the God of content marketing. But with the advent of AI, the picture has changed. The content has become smart. Delivering personalized content is what new-age content marketing aims at. This personal touch to content has been possible through websites, emails, social media, etc. Email hosting has also played a great role in this. Targeting the audience through emails is a better idea than just posting unnecessary pieces of content on websites without even knowing if it is reaching the right people. This issue has been looked out by email hosting services that work dedicatedly on this issue only. 
  3. Evaluating content pieces – For a website to stay on top of the ranking automating repetitive tasks is very much integral. So tasks like planning, optimizing, personalizing, promoting, measuring, and analyzing now all are in the hands of AI. So much of the time and money could be saved in automating these tasks with the help of AI. Starting from searching out the best topic in real-time and based on real-time data, facts, and statistics. This also involves outsourcing content creation that saves a lot of money in-house. Leveraging AI capabilities i.e. its tools will give your website a good kick start and a cost-efficient solution. Due to the application of AI in content marketing the opportunities have maximized through its strategized actions. 

But there is so much more that Artificial Intelligence in marketing can contribute to the field of content marketing and thus can extract miracles out of it.

Last words

AI featured tools are going to stay in relevance for many upcoming years and will keep on improving the marketing activities by combining human skills. Your company just requires the right set of tools in the right set of experts and you just have to show patience before you can see an increase in the number of zeroes in the revenue.