June 25, 2024

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Keep Your Earbuds Away From Tangling – Tips

earbuds tangling

Earbuds are always tangling and makes you feel very frustrating. Although if you want to hear music or you want to call your friend or someone on Skype, you are always your earbuds ready for use.

When you take them from your pocket, backpack, purse or drawer and you always find your earbuds tangled.

For making untangle the earbuds you feel irritated and you want a solution from getting out of it. Well then here we are for you to make your life much easier. We are here to give you some solutions for Keep Your Earbuds from Getting Tangled.

Let’s dive in.

Tips to take earbuds Away From Tangling

  • The first thing you do is you make three-loop fingers and you pinch the bigger end between your thumb and your fingers. Then you just kind of loosely wrap the cable around your fingers but not all the way you want to stop leaving. I don’t know eight or ten inches (8” or 10”) left you leave one finger in the earbuds hole you make with earbuds cable.
  • So that you can grab it and then you can loop it crosswise. When you get to the end just give it a little tug to twist it. Then tighten it up and put the small one through that hole where your first finger was. You are done perfectly wrapped headphones when it’s time to listen to your music you just pull that little end out tug at it then see the magic.
  • First, you need (i) 2 wooden clothespins, (ii) glue(any glue will work), (iii) washi tape. You are going to glue the clothespins together as one should be attached with another one. You have to open them on opposite ends.
  • When stuck you can beautify with markers, washi tape, or leave it plain. At that point what you are left with is this convenient dandy contraption. Clasp the earbuds toward one side. Fold the link over both garments pins and squeeze the fitting on the opposite side. This is the most ideal approach to keep your earbuds from getting tangled ever.
  • Use a paperclip for tanging your earbuds first take a paperclip than decorate the clip with colorful paper, marker or leave it plain. Take the earbuds cable wrap around and constipate paper clip in the middle. Then you can easily untangle your earbuds.
  • Using a shoelace may be a good idea for tangling your earbuds. First, wrap it around and fasten it smoothly so that you can easily untangle your earbuds. You also can use a tie for tangle earbuds.
  • You can use some small case for your earbuds wrap it in a small size than put it in the case.
  • You have to hold the earbuds in your hand or left hand. With the end interfering with your thumb and the remainder of your hand. At that point overlap in the entirety of your fingers aside from your pointer finger and your thumb. Presently wrap the earbuds around your fingers in figure eight. Wrap them as tight as possible.
  • Continuously traverse each time don’t circle it. Continue wrapping until the earbuds are wrapped also. Now wrap the end over the middle of the figure a couple of times. You can even take care of it with circles for included steadiness. Take them off your fingers. Presently you can toss your earbuds into your sack with no danger of them getting tangled. See the Magic!
  • The best solution for untangling earbuds is first take your earphones and hold the earbuds in your right hand and the cable where it comes together in your left hand. You want to twist the cable forward with your left fingers and it will make it form a national coil you grab with your right hand.

Next, you do the same thing reverse you roll the cable back you grab it repeat going forward and another one going back we have a few inches left on your cable you finished off I just wrapping the cable through the coil a few times and that’s going to give you a nice soil you undo it the great thing about this is coming out no tangles no knots.

  • Use any type of unused credit or debit card for fold your earphones or earbuds. First cut the card in small size in the middle then wrap the earphones round and round and next to your job is done and you can easily untangle your earbuds.
  • Use of a bottle cap to make an earphone holder: First take two bottle caps attached with glue to make holes in the cap different sides then put the cable into the hole wrap in a small round and then untangle it easily.


Here we know some genius ways to keep your earbuds away from tangling. These ideas surely help you to make your life much easier. We all have this earbuds problem rather than no more facing problems following the trick and the magic.