June 20, 2024

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How to write a Blog Post to get traffic?

Blog Post

When a blogger creates his blog post and posts it, he does not get as much buzz as he is thinking. What could be the reason? Is his content not right or what he has posted the audience does not like.

Often times it is upsetting that the audience skips it without reading it. And even worse, when you post on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media audience, Get out of it without clicking.

So now you have two or three seconds to attract all these audiences.

The main goal is to draw those audiences in two or three seconds.

So now the question arises as to how to attract them all.

No need to panic I’ll give you guys some tips today so you can win the hearts of the audience.

Know your audience

Blog Post

Before writing your content, you need to know who your audience is and what they want to find out.

You need to do a little research to find out the audience’s needs. And there are various tools for this purpose that can help you find the content that the audience needs.

Twitter Advanced Search: All you have to do is open Twitter and click on “Advanced Search” and enter your desired keyword. Then press the Search button and it will give you the list you will need

KeywordTool.io: This is a great tool to just enter your desired keyword in this tool and it will tell you the amount of user searching for it.

This shows the volume of the user how many user interests are on this side.

Quora : extraordinary asset to discover questions, to which people in your industry are inquiring.

Write Convincing Headlines

write convincing headlines

Keep your blog post headings in order to be able to convince them.

Like what people see, read and forward. Because headings refer to the post from outside. If your headlines are not convincing, then why user will read and forward the blog post. And that’s why your posts aren’t popular and people don’t follow your blog.

Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule is the best tool for analyzing your Headlines.

Add Subheadings to break the page

It is important to list subtitles in your page, as the audience often looks for a review. And having subtitles, they review it well and then read it to suit their needs.

Use Bullet Points in your blog post

Blog Post bullets

Beside subheadings, bullet lists are flawless in light of the fact that they’re exceptionally simple to skim through.

Here are a few hints that I use to compose bullet points that individuals will really peruse:

  • Express clear advantage. 
  • Keep your bullets even. 1-2 lines each.
  • Try not to compose long paragraphs in bullets.
  • Recall bullets are not sentences. They’re much the same as headlines.

Add Images in your blog post

Blog Post

Must add images in to your blog post because a man understands the image faster than writing. This is why adding charming photos can help boost your engagement.

SEO Optimized Content

Blog Post seo

Google organic search generates a great deal of traffic for most websites.

When writing your content, make sure that the blog post you are writing on is SEO compliant

It’s simple, you just have to follow a few steps.

A: Add a suitable meta title

B: Add a meta description

C: also include meta title in your meta description

D: improve focus keywords

E: include related keyword variation

F: do not forget to add image alt attribute

G: interlink your content

Add Vibrant call-to-action to your blog post

call to action

Put a call-to-action at the end of your blog post content.

This is a very important factor because when a reader reads your content and likes it or wants to cast their vote or wants to share it, there should be a clear call-to-action. For example, Comment box, Social media buttons like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram e.t.c.

Best of luck!