Bitcoin, is better than Fiat?

Published in June 14, 2019

Some features where Bitcoin is better than Fiat:

  • Censorship resistant: Due no entity can seize a block or transaction, governments and banks can't freeze bank accounts and block transactions.
  • Divisible: Bitcoin is divisible out to 8 decimal places, bringing the possibility to do micropayments, Fiat is only divisible out to 2 decimal places.
  • Portable: Bitcoin can transfer values around the world in minutes, without limit of amount. Fiat lacks due governments laws and have the potential to issue an unlimited amount.
  • Coin Supply: Bitcoin maximum supply 21 million, defined by a mathematical formula, and Fiat could be counterfeited.
  • Trusted: Cryptography ensures authenticity and prove ownership signatures while Fiat could be counterfeited.

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