Bitcoin Falls

Bitcoin price plummets

Posted September 27, 2019

The price of bitcoin has begun to scare users of the ecosystem, as it has dropped to $ 8,000 (153,000 MXN) in the last two days. However, this decline can mean an opportunity for investors or new members of the ecosystem, even with the risks of using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Just two weeks ago, the price of Bitcoin seemed to stabilize at almost 10 thousand dollars (190 thousand MXN), however the drastic price change demonstrates again the vulnerability of the use of virtual assets in terms of price quotation in the markets In addition to the worldwide debate of its use in world markets, between acceptance as a form of payment, the exclusive use of financial institutions or the restriction of its use for certain countries.

However, frequent users of the cryptocurrencies exchanges now prefer to keep their bitcoins held, waiting another price increase to trade them profitably, while users who feel panic try to quickly take out their bitcoins, further reducing their price. This means an opportunity for investors to buy bitcoins.


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