May 27, 2024

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Savings Accounts – Save Your Financial Future

saving accounts

Savings accounts: From the days of our grandparents, great grandparents, we are getting the enlightening instructions on the importance of saving money. The habit started from accumulating pennies in small boxes and piggy banks, but with time humans developed smarter ways of saving money.

Savings accounts are safer ways to create a big nest egg without any risk. Besides, the variety of options in this financial product facilitates the luxury to choose a suitable option with the best possible return. Decide your priorities and choose the one that suits you the most.

Here are the options of savings accounts that you can explore to make your tomorrow safe, safer, and safest.

Fixed-rate savings account

As the term facilitates prediction, a fixed rate savings account is the right choice if you can keep your money for a long time. The account gives a fixed return on your money as the rate of interest is also decides. However, you can choose from the available options in the market, and the one with the maximum rate can be exploited.

It is advisable to keep the funds for at least 1 or 2 years to get the due profit on your investment. People usually aim to save for deposit money for a big purchase or educational purpose or any long-term reason, use this account. If you are also planning for the more or less same thing, this choice can be one of your smart decisions. However, you don’t always need to keep the money for a particular purpose. For the sake of saving also you can put the money in the account.

saving accounts

Short-term savings/instant access accounts

Without any introduction, you can understand that these are the opposite of long-term savings accounts. The short-term savings accounts prove their utility because of their feature to keep your money safe and return it whenever required.

Keep the money saved and take it out when you need it, no matter how soon that need may arise. You can withdraw funds anytime, and there is no locking period. Through a card, you can withdraw the money at cashpoints. However, a significant fact is that you don’t get bigger returns in this savings account. The rates are lower as compared to the long-term one.

Children’s savings accounts

A good habit should always be forwarded to the children, and saving money is a good habit. The children’s savings account allows you to save either for the short-term or long-term. Yes, there are options for both.

Usually, parents save the money in the account for two primary reasons –

  1. They want to stimulate saving habit in their children
  2. They want to secure their future by putting money for a long time

Whatever your purpose is, there is no scarcity of choices that precisely and serve your purpose correctly.

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs)

If you are looking for a tax-efficient saving option, then ISAs can quickly get on the list of your choices. As these have tax benefits, they need to be subscribed.

You can use the allowance in different forms, they are-

  • In the form of cash ISA
  • Stocks and share ISA
  • Lifetime ISA

This flexibility makes the ISA an attractive and futuristic saving option. The financial advisors usually advise people to start saving at a young age. However, they are useful for all age groups.

Notice accounts

If you can understand by name, the notice accounts allow access to your funds only if you give prior notice of withdrawal. Varied notice accounts options have different limits of notice. Some have 30 days. Some have 60 days, while some have 90 days.

You should keep your money in the account only when you are sure you can keep the patience to withdraw it with information. However, in case of an urgent event, you may remove the money but will make you lose on the interest rates.

The best thing about notice accounts is that it teaches discipline to those that always fail to keep the saving for a more extended period. When they know that they have to wait for a certain number of days before they take out funds, it makes them drop the idea. Also, taking out the emergency money makes them bear the loss on the interest rates. It is again a gatekeeper that stops them from careless financial habits.


Choose any of the above options, and you add security to your financial future. We need to understand savings accounts are that they not only give us profit but also improve credit score performance. Availing any financial product improves the credit score performance of a person.

Your savings account marks an excellent financial habit as well as capacity in your financial records. In that case, availing any bad credit products becomes smooth. You may prove solidly eligible for unsecured personal loans with bad credit by direct lenders with a good saving as your backing. The lender will be impressed to see your capacity and wise decision on saving money. The habit denotes that the borrower will pay instalments on time.