June 26, 2024

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TheOneSpy – WhatsApp Call Recording


What is TheOneSpy? It’s a call recording. Social networking apps nowadays making headlines and billions of users are using for the sake of free communication. When it comes to a WhatsApp social messaging app it is a king without a crown.

Everyone who has digital smartphones and tablets connected to cyberspace I am sure has installed the social media app for communication, sharing of documents, images, photos, chat groups and for plenty of other reasons. However, people also use it for making audio-video calls and even for Voice calls.

Most of the users are more likely to use it on the cell phone and tablet devices, so there are plenty of peoples looking forward to surveillance on instant messaging apps to get the TheOneSpy WhatsApp Voice call logs.

If you are one of the people that want to spy on instant messenger then you have to use TheOneSpy WhatsApp recorded calls monitoring software to get the voice call logs. Now the question arises on how to get the tech –tool to track social media app installed on someone’s target device.

How to get TheOneSpy software to monitor Voice call logs?

If you are up to tracking the instant messaging app installed on someone’s cell phone device then you have to get your hands on the best mobile phone tracking software.

So, all you need to perform a couple of steps to get your hands on the surveillance app for WhatsApp. Let’s get to know the steps in the following.

Subscribe for the TheOneSpy app

Use the installed or built-in web browser of your device and connect it with the internet. Now visit the webpage of the mobile monitoring app and get a subscription. Moreover, login to the email you have provided for the subscription to get the credentials.

Get physical access on target mobile device

Take the target smartphone into your hands for a while and instantly start the installation process and when you have ended up with the process of installation then activate it on the target device. Moreover, you have to get access to the online control panel of the tracking software for a cellphone.

Use the credentials & get access to the web portal

Now use the passcode and ID and get access to the web portal and further you can visit plenty of tools including TheOneSpy WhatsApp spying software. Let’s discuss all the tools that empower you to spy on WhatsApp call logs using recorded calls monitoring software.

Use mobile phone surveillance software tools to track WhatsApp Voice call logs

Social media monitoring

You can track all the social messaging apps and instant messengers activities installed on the target mobile or tablet device remotely with TheOneSpy social media messenger spy software.

It empowers you to get the logs of the activities such as messages, conversations, multimedia sharing, audio-video voice calls logs and voice messages with a complete time stamp.

WhatsApp Voice call logs

Users can use a surveillance app for WhatsApp on the target device remotely after installation then further track the voice calls logs of all incoming and outgoing voice calls with a timestamp. You can get ingress to the target device user account and get to know all the contacts where WhatsApp calls been made.

Live screen recording

Users can perform live screen recordings on the target cell phone device at the time when the target device user is activated on the social media app.

You can perform live screen recording and record short back to back videos of the screen when the user is making voice calls on the target device. Further, you can view the live recording of the videos and can get to know the Voice calls logs to the fullest.


Remotely captures screenshots of WhatsApp activities on target smartphone device with phone recorded calls TheOneSpy app for WhatsApp. It enables you to make back to back screenshots of the target device screen running with the instant messaging app.

You can send multimedia commands on the target device screen at a time and get a series of screenshots at the time when voice calls been made on the social media app activated on the target device screen.

Conclusion – TheOneSpy

Directly you cannot monitor TheOneSpy WhatsApp voice calls logs unless you have installed a cell phone tracking app on the target device.