January 19, 2021

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Do You Recognize the 14 Warning Signs of Google Maps SEO?

Google Maps SEO

It is undeniable that remain keeping with the three-pack on Google maps SEO can be highly profitable for the business and the client. When the clients are looking for SEO services for business locations, then this pack is the Key performance indicator that is beneficial for all types of business on a local basis. Here are some of the warning signs which you need to know about.

Forget to put a business name on Google Map

The huge ranking factor for improving the business with the help of Google Maps is to add the exact name of the business as mentioned in the license or registered. If you forget to add the business name, then it may mislead the customers and also decrease the ranking on Google Maps. Be accurate with the name as some businesses have slight differences in the name which makes some huge differences.

google maps seo

No mess with NAP

NAP stands for Name of the business, address, and Phone number. Not only is the name of the business but also the exact location and business contact number required because People can reach the business and get in touch

with the same through the information available on Google Maps.

Missing the accurate category

Your business location on the Google Map is not of enough importance if you skipped the category as it indicates the industry in which you are running your business. The categories of GMB fit every business no matter what type of business it is. The best way is to choose the big cities and categorize your business so that you can get more reach.

Don’t skip the niche

A particular niche related to products and services that are provided by your business on a particular location. It helps to get the specialized section of the population so that your business meets their needs and when the search online, then they can easily shortlist you from several businesses available online.

Forget to fix Pages

In the Google Maps SEO, a big factor is an on-page fixation as it is helpful to get high rank and this is the only thing that all the local businesses are ignoring. It includes fixing the Optimization of content, UI or UX and NAP information. Advises for SEO


Social signals need to be considered

It becomes more important to get enough social interactions as it is a smart way to ranking higher on Google Maps and also showcase your business in organic search results. Likes, share as well as an overall social appearance on different platforms make sense as they are an indicator of social status.

Google Maps

Stars are fruitful

This is the first step to getting into the map pack if you can think a little bit deeper. The ranking on Google Maps depends on the reviews given by the customers and improves the click rate in results on search engines. This trick can make your business the appealing one and get clicks as well as calls.

Grab a Press release

To get high quality of backlinks for the business, you need a press release. Some service providers can do this for your business but you need to search for the same. Backlinks can attract more and more customers towards your business.


Avoid guest post can be a loss

If you have got an exact match of your anchor text as similar to that of Google Map’s landing page, then the powerful thing is a guest post as per the niche and the relevant location where your business is set up. This can be done after you have build uplink, citations, social profiles, and video submission as well.

Google Sites

This is kind of boost and improves the ranking on Google Maps as well as organic search results on Google. Google Sites are a bunch of entities belong to Google and these properties are highly interlinked as well as embedded in the sites.

Follow Drip-feed

If your website is new and you are trying to rank for a particular keyword higher on search engines, then it takes around three to six months to get the desired results. It looks unnatural if you get a bunch of reviews suddenly and get on a fast pace with link building. So, introduce everything drops by drop.     


Utilize features Properly

All the features and information required by Google My Business whether it is either optional or mandatory, you never avoid even a single blank. Try to add all the details and increase the chances of getting high on rank.

Never Mismatch

Make sure that all the NAP provided on GMB as well as on the website must match with each other. A slight difference can lead to minimizing the reputation of the business among customers.

Google Map on the website

Mae sure that the business website must include the Google Map and it indicates the business among the top-notch businesses. Google Maps SEO result is incredible.