April 24, 2024

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DivxTotal – Alternatives to Download Torrent Movies


One of the most popular platforms today to download torrents is undoubtedly Divxtotal. This platform is used to download movies, series, applications, music and games.

What is DivxTotal?

This is a set of Spanish platforms, which provide websites to download movies, television series, video games and music files in torrent format.

Even though the DivxTotal site contains many resources that violate copyrights, there are some resources and movies without copyright or in the public domain, therefore this content is shown for readers with discretion.

Divxtotal platforms in force in 2021


Sometimes, the websites that offer free movies do not comply with the requirements of the law, and are partially or totally blocked in several countries of the world.

The platform is no exception and has faced various crashes in its lifetime. As a sign of the constant locks is the existence of different domains derived from the original platform.

Each of the these alternatives provides users with normal and HD movie downloads, features that urge users who have a hobby to watch movies on the internet.

Divxtotal domains

Below we show you a list of these platforms that are in force in 2021, among which the following stand out:

  • www.divxtotal.in (Link): It is the most prominent website. Site to download various content in free torrent format, for example, series, documentaries, horror, romantic, humorous, among other categories.
  • divxtotal.com (Link): It is the first site. It contains the original user interface, as well as several films available in the year 2021, in Spanish, VOSE and dubbed into Spanish, of superior quality.
  • www.divxtotal.la (Link): Site that contains films different from the other platforms, although with a similar theme, as well as the user interface. Movies in Spanish, from the United States, Spain and other countries.
  • www.divxtotall.es: Website of Spanish origin that contains some of the latest films. It contains high quality resources and is mentioned with superior performance than other platforms.

It is very important to show that although the visual interface between the sites described above is the same, the movies, as well as the peer to peer clients are usually different, as well as the external servers.

DivxTotal alternatives

Resources are sometimes unavailable due to constant crashes due to copyright infringement, resulting in user migration.

We do not recommend the use of these platforms, but we show you below some currently existing alternatives to watch movies online, which are alternatives to DivxTotal.



MejorTorrent users think that it is a good platform. It has a large number of videos available, over 20 thousand in streams, as well as many other resources in mp3 format and online games.

The resources of this alternative website have many contents that defy copyright laws, therefore, their use is not recommended, except for the few materials that are in the public domain that they contain, without being exempt from security problems. Like DivxTotal.

The way to download videos on MejorTorrent is through an external server. Some external servers have severe security problems, with the ability to infect users’ computers without proper precautions.

Still, some users make use of MejorTorrent to pass the time, others to search for audiovisual resources such as documentaries, for their school or work projects. They are different purposes, but users are solely responsible for using these platforms.

MejorTorrent available sites

Some of the available domains that are running on MejorTorrent are shown in the article shown in the link at the beginning of this section, among which the following stand out:

  • Mejortorrent.one (Link)
  • Mejortorrent.la (Link)
  • Mejortorrent.online (Link)
  • vvv.mejortorrent.vip
  • Mejortorrent2.com
  • www.mejortorrents1.com, among other sites that have been blocked over the months.

Each of the sites shown above are very similar to each other, therefore a user of any of the MejorTorrent sites may use other platforms, and it is not far from similar ones, like DivxTotal.



The Plusdede site is a new alternative to divxtotal. It was born derivative after the definitive closure of Megadede in 2020, however it has carried a significant number of old users, to such an extent that the site is growing a lot.

The Plusdede site can be accessed through its website located at www.plusdede.net, or through the apk for series and movies provided by the site, currently available in version 1.6.3 for February 2021.

Even so, it seems that Plusdede is not the only heir to the Megadede site, there is at least one other alternative called Ultradede, also outgoing from the same genre of films and videos with registration.

Both Plusdede and Divxtotal require information from the user, who must accept the terms and conditions, as well as the privacy policy of the site in order to create their account.

The information requested to create an account consists of your username, an email address, password, your real name, gender, date and place of birth, description and a captcha to validate that the user is not a bot.

It is clear to indicate that none of the platforms listed in this article are secure, therefore entering personal data, as well as the use of Plusdede and other platforms, is the responsibility of the user.



LocoPelis is another DivxTotal alternative for those users who do not want to provide their details in a registration form. His current website is at www.locopelis.com.

The LocoPelis website is quite complete, which allows you to watch movies and download videos online for free, some examples of resources are premieres, movies, of various genres and with availability according to the p2p network.

Locopelis users normally use the BitTorrent protocol for transferring their movies. The uTorrent protocol could also be used, which means that the availability of the movies is directly based on the sending and receiving users being linked during the download.

However, the sending user could send other malicious files to the receiver, among which malware, spyware, adware or some type of crypto miner could be installed on the host.

Locopelis films are classified by some predetermined criteria, for example if they are new films, billboards, by user suggestion, added by peers or another type. Like Divxtotal and other alternatives.

You can also search for movies through the search bar, located at the top right of the screen. You could search the movie by name, year, genre, or other identification criteria of the requested resource.



The eFilm site is an exclusive site for the inhabitants of the provinces of Spain, which consists of a website focused on the loan of films and other audiovisual resources for a predefined period of time.

eFilm provides the service within as an auxiliary to the libraries of Spain, whose loan is immediate when possessing the public library card or credential. It is quite a popular option for watching movies in times of pandemic.

Being a platform backed by the Spanish library system, the site is totally legal, as long as the user makes the loans according to the processes described in the terms, therefore they will not pay any cost when acquiring them on their efilm site.

The resources are primarily educational, although there are also various resources for entertainment, family, suspense, and other genres. The user can also request several loans and create their own personalized lists.

The user can also rate the eFilm films, to help other users of the platform to choose their films, like Divxtotal.

To help you find the desired resources on the site, you can use the search bar, as well as to check the availability of films, searching by name, actors, genre or production director.



GranTorrent is another Divxtotal alternative. It is a popular website for downloading torrent files through the BitTorrent protocol.

The GranTorrent site provides the service for free through a registration made through a form that requests the basic data of the user to use the platform.

It has the characteristic of containing many of the titles available on other similar websites, which makes the GranTorrent movie catalog extensive, with mixed content.

Its use has some disadvantages, among which the use of popups with quite annoying advertising stands out, of which even when users can close the windows, the risk of downloading adware is great, camouflaged among the video resources that are downloaded in Divxtotal.

However, some users use MacOS or iOS to avoid downloading viruses, without this being a guarantee of security, but at least it stops advertising in some way, in the same way the use of adblocker.

GranTorrent Websites

The schism of different websites derived from the bans has led the webmasters of the sites to raise new websites with the same purposes, although with different resources.

Some of GranTorrent’s functional websites for 2021 are as follows:

  • grantorrent.nl (Link): GranTorrent website that allows downloading in multiple HD formats, including MicroHD, HDRip, DVDRip, 4K, divx and other similar formats.
  • grantorrents.org (Link): Alternative to divxtotal, which mentions within the series and videos that you can download the previous formats, with languages in Castilian, Spanish, Latin and other similar formats.
  • www.grantorrent.tech: It is a .tech domain focused on downloading free videos, as an alternative to DonTorrent, from online series, similar to other similar platforms.
  • grantorrent.pw: Another domain with an interface practically the same as the previous ones, with different contents due to the demand on the p2p network.
  • grantorrent-es.com: GranTorrent site in Spanish, alternative created in case of blocking of any of the previous alternatives.
  • grantorrent.xyz: Site active in 2021 that belongs to the other alternatives within the existing ones in grantorrent. The site contains several movies in high quality and variety format.

Other alternatives to DivxTotal

Some of the most popular alternatives to DivxTotal may not be listed in the previous options, this is due to the large number of streaming sites that appear every day, and the frequent blocks to this type of platform.

Many of these sites contain videos that infringe copyright, or copyright and for this reason their use is not recommended, except for eFilm, which contains loaner movies, the public domain resources are very limited, but not non-existent.

As an alternative, we recommend the use of legal platforms, as well as those whose license is legal. Some of these platforms could be listed below:

  • YouTube: Most viewed video platform globally and totally open to users (except private videos), where they can upload their content freely, as well as convert mp3 to mp4, among other uses. Totally free.
  • Netflix: Legal alternative, with videos distributed in a wide catalog, includes series, movies in various genres and other resources in HD format. Average monthly cost: 8.99 USD.
  • Amazon Prime Video: Amazon Prime platform, in which it contains videos to watch in normal or premium subscription. Its normal cost is 36 euros per year.
  • Facebook: The most popular social network worldwide. The videos section contains videos and streaming live or stored by users of the social network. Totally free.

Security in the use of Divxtotal


No free premium movie platform offers you protection against viruses, malware, adware, and other badware.

The security measures lie in avoiding clicking on advertising, avoiding the use of unreliable external servers and even then it may not be enough.


Free video download platforms like Divxtotal and its alternatives are another option for downloading royalty-free or public domain videos.

The line is very thin between the legal and the illegal in these platforms, so it is better not to use them, likewise the risk of downloading unwanted software is great.

This article in Spanish.