May 19, 2024

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MejorTorrent – 5+ Alternatives to Download Torrent


MejorTorrent is one of the most popular alternatives to download movies in torrent format, however sometimes the site becomes inactive due to crashes.

The MejorTorrent site is a perfect alternative that contains a large catalog of videos, however the site has had several schisms, some of the most common are the following: Mejortorrent1 and Mejortorrent2, among other sites that will probably appear in the short term.

Even though the website contains materials that many users have downloaded, we do not recommend the use of these platforms due to copyright infringement.

Likewise, there is the possibility of the possible download of viruses when using these sites, a highly risky situation for users.

Despite that, sometimes there are non-copyrighted materials that you could download without problems, therefore the information shown below is only for readers with discretion.

Even with all the advantages that Mejortorrent sites offer us, each of the sites contains many materials that violate the copyright of the films, therefore, downloading this type of resources should be avoided, even when some countries allow it.

The objective of this article is to show you some alternatives of sites to download functional videos today. First we will show you the active sites and then some alternatives.



Although the original site was called MejorTorrent, it did not take long for new derivative websites with similar names to emerge, some of these sites are MejorTorrent1, MejorTorrent2, among other alternatives.

This is one of the first variations of the original website, which has had an extremely active community, to such an extent that several thousand p2p exchanges are carried out daily, mainly in torrent format, hosted on different servers around the world.

The main alternatives are described below:

  • (Link): It is a website that at least preserves the original name, similar in essence and original design of MejorTorrent1, similar to those of don torrent:
    • The website contains movies, series, documentaries and other types of resources in video and mp3 format.
  • (Link): It is another functional website. It contains resources and movies in the torrent format, although it seems to be restricted in some countries or jurisdictions.
  • (Link): Another currently active site, highly used in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. Not only does it allow you to download movies, but you can also watch them online.
  • It is another alternative to MejorTorrent1, where users can find the latest releases in HD format, as well as movies from other categories.


The interface of MejorTorrent1 is very similar to that of other similar sites, it contains a main menu in which the latest torrent files to download are shown, as well as help and contact information for users new to the system.

The side panel of this site shows the different categories on the site to download resources, among which are: documentaries, movies, HD movies, series, HD series, games, varied styles and even music in mp3 format.

Because a point-to-point protocol is used, users, both the client and the video sender, must be simultaneously connected in a dormant connection to allow a seamless download.

Here are the alternatives of MejorTorrent1:

  • (Link): Contains movies and series in Torrent format, although their description shows that they provide divx and bittorrent series.
  • (Link): This site makes use of external servers to download resources.


Additionally, other alternate sites have been created, such as shown below:

  • Preventing future blockages, MejorTorrent1 has created this alternative, which allows you to download videos and series in Spanish, for free and in HD format.
  • It has several categories such as action, science fiction, documentaries, novels, among other genres.



Another quite popular and alternative MejorTorrent1 page is SeriesGato. Which contains many resources in torrent format that can be viewed online.

The resources available to SeriesGato consist mainly of movies and series in Spanish, as well as subtitles and others in film or television format.

Being a versatile site, users can access SeriesGato through their Internet browser, or through the mobile application, also available on the site.

In the same way that it happens with MejorTorrent, in SeriesGato there are several films that violate copyright, and therefore download should be avoided. So this information is displayed for judicious readers.

As for the variations to the original website that exist of the SeriesGato site, we have the following options, although not all of them are currently active:

  • SeriesGato website that allows you to watch series online in HD format, with full chapters, as well as downloads in HD format or of lower quality, depending on the resources of your computer.
  • Alternative to SeriesGato that is shown with a site to watch series and movies online in Latin Spanish, Castilian and also in English with Spanish subtitles.
  • Another alternative of SeriesGato, which currently (in the year 2021), seems to be that the site is inactive, although it is not known if it will work again in the coming months or years, possibly due to some blockage.



EliteTorrent that has shown itself as another quite popular website to download Torrent, whose operation is very similar to MejorTorrent1.

The website has faced several schisms, mainly due to the locks it has faced for copyright infringements, as well as locks in various countries, like MejorTorrent.

The EliteTorrent site allows you to download movies in Spanish Castilian, both in normal and HD quality and the large amount of content it has in its catalog has allowed the site to be one of the most popular in 2021.

EliteTorrent alternatives

Some of the EliteTorrent alternatives are as shown below:

  • Due to the use of the .com domain, this is assumed to be the parent of all other EliteTorrent sites. It contains many videos distributed in various categories, which can be accessed directly or through its search bar.
  • It is an alternate EliteTorrent website, which resembles MejorTorrent1 in content.
    • On the site you will find movies and series in torrent, HD format and of various genres and qualities. The interface is very similar to that of .com.
  • It is another alternative that allows you to watch the latest EliteTorrent movies entirely in Spanish, for example from EliteStream or EliteTorrent TV. Even though the website is very similar in interface, its contents may change with respect to the other domains.
  • Another website to download premieres using the Bittorrent protocol, although it is shown as unlimited downloads, it is required that both the client and the distributor are connected simultaneously to perform any download.
  • Not much different from the original EliteTorrent, but it contains quite a few titles similar to the ones on MejorTorrent. Songs, premieres, free computer games and other free software.
  • Younger alternative to EliteTorrent, with movies not only in HD format, but also in microHD, VOSE and other types.
  • The way to download is very similar to other alternative pages, however their domain and content may be different. As well as connected p2p users.
  • Another version of EliteTorrent, to watch high-quality movies and premieres, a domain created due to the possible blockades that these sites face for sharing pirated materials.



The SeriesPepito site is another alternative to Mejortorrent to watch series, videos and movies in 2021.

Although the site was inactive for some years, it has emerged as the Phoenix with content dubbed in Spanish, just as the original SeriesPepito contained it, even before 2014, the first time it went down.

Some of the currently active domains of seriesPepito are the following:

  • The most popular site in Spain of pepito series to watch free online videos, as well as seasonal movies. The films exist in Castilian, Latin Spanish and subtitled.
  • With content similar to MejorTorrent, Series Pepito Ly is the combination of resources with those of
  •, the original website that was blocked due to copyright infringement.

And before the blockade faced in 2019, there was also the SeriesPepito.To website, which was finally blocked after four years of existence, since 2015 when it had resurfaced from



If you want to search for series online totally free, series21 could be an option for you.

Although it is a little different from MejorTorrent, since it focuses directly on online television series, Series21 contains a large list of next-generation series for you to enjoy at home, with more than 450 on the list.

Series21 movies are in some languages, for example in Spanish, Latin, subtitled, with original audio, live and downloadable. Where some of the most recent chapters of your favorite series are shown.

Movie downloads are done in a similar way to MejorTorrent1, where you can download it without torrent format, as long as the availability of the video or resource is found on the server and you keep a latent connection.

The website has had a variation in its main domain, which is called, a variation that does not affect the functionality of the original domain, although it could be a different option.

Other variations of the original site, focused on motion pictures, can be found on the site. Where you can also find premieres, trailers, series, movies for TV, as well as virtual ones in DVD and Blue Ray formats.



Another site listed among the free movies in Spanish is pelis24, it is also another MejorTorrent alternative, with varied content, as well as complete and uncut movies.

The site has received many variations, as well as the previous ones, therefore it operates in different domains, which although the user interface is similar, the contents always vary from each other.

To show you some of the alternative Pelis24 sites are the following:

  • Pelis24’s most popular site, with several movie options to watch online, in Spanish, without cuts and downloaded from some external servers.
  • Site that has emerged as an alternative to watch new movies in high quality format. Series, movies, of various categories such as drama, action, ecology, suspense, horror among other genres.
  • It is a site optimized for mobiles, both on Android and iOS systems, where you can watch your favorite movies, thus being considered another MejorTorrent alternative.
  • It is shown as the original website of pelis24, without confirming that this is actually the case. In fact all the sites usually say that they are the originals.
  • Another site also similar to the previous ones, with a practically the same interface, except for the contents and movies available, according to the servers that are available at the time.

Other alternatives to MejorTorrent

As you can see, there are many alternatives to MejorTorrent to download videos or movies in torrent format, as well as to watch them online.

In the world of the Internet, there are infinite alternatives to watch movies online, however you should avoid using these platforms, as well as MejorTorrent, due to copyright infringement in many of their content.

If you are a judicious reader, you will see that there are some films that do not have copyright, and even that they are in the public domain. Only the reader is responsible for the type of movies he wishes to download.


Is it safe to use the MejorTorrent alternatives?

The use of MejorTorrent, as well as other free platforms to watch movies online, can have a high risk of downloading harmful files to the user’s computers.

The insecurity is that when downloading through a torrent, the sending user can send other types of files in addition to the original video, including malware, spyware and other types of viruses that can be installed on the user’s computer.

Therefore, the user is solely responsible for using this type of platform, and for the security of their computers, therefore no method is totally safe, except not to use torrent platforms.

Some users use some measures to mitigate the effects of the massive files that are downloaded, among which the use of updated antivirus, use a browser that does not store cookies, or with or the use of the operating system immune to viruses.

However, each server is different and the type of files downloaded in the background may have different behavior.

MejorTorrent – Conclusions

After doing this analysis about MejorTorrent and other alternatives to download online videos, you will realize that there are several options that have the same goal: to watch videos for free.

None of these platforms is legal, therefore it is better to look for a legal or paid platform, in which you can watch movies safely and without the risks of downloading some type of malware on your computer.

Even with the objectives used by hackers, the bittorrent protocol works for the transfer of different types of files between two simultaneously connected clients, therefore the content is not hosted on an intermediary server.

For that reason the use of the protocols themselves is another form of file transfer, including other types of files, for example applications, documents and any files that you want to send between connected peers in latent form for the duration of the transfer.

If you want a possible contagion from your computer, the only safe way is to refrain from the use of these platforms, or the use of only legal platforms, to avoid the use of torrents or downloads of files of dubious origin.