June 23, 2024

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Web Design Shortcuts to save Development Time

web design shortcuts

For any web developer, web design shortcuts becomes a cakewalk if it has been coded well. Eventually, this leads to the completion of the task before the stipulated time frame and increase the quality drastically.

Here are ten shortcuts for web design that gets you results in the record time

Avoiding Online Inspiration

Web developers often indulge in the usage of strategies to create a quality output in the less time available by using its resources to the fullest. There is a category of developers who do not look at the past work of other developers and try and make their work very innovative and unique. Hence, this is a direct indication that the developer should not begin his or her employment by just looking at the past work, as it leads to a blockage in mind.

Online sources are flooded with inspirational blog posts, which can be used only for inspiration, not for idea generation.

Collaboration with Other Parties

Be it any situation; teamwork always has overpowered individual work. There are both pros and cons to working in a team. On the one hand, collaborating with other web developers can prove to be a productive decision as it helps in getting many ideas on the table. However, on the flip side, working in a team can be time-consuming or can lead to several challenges, such as communication, understanding, etc. Hence, it depends on the situation to take up a call whether to work individually or for in a team.

Trying Something Different on Web Design Shortcuts

‘Innovation is the key to success and moving forward’. Innovation comes with experience. The web developers create several projects which help them build their easy ways of actually completing a web project. However, this procedure becomes mundane as it lacks the creativity to a large extent. Hence, web developers are advised to keep trying new and different strategies, which can eventually result in a better final output. The category of smart developers has a habit of doing things differently or out of the box to add a little different element to their usual task.

Out-of-the-Box Thinking

The one quality which sets the smart web designers with the developers from the rest of the crowd is their ability to think out of the box. These developers keep trying their hands-on new codes, the new way of programming the activities, etc. These developers push their limits to a great extent. Eventually, this leads to producing the most excellent results, which is unique.

Cursor Shortcut for the Movement

There is a need for using keyword shortcuts to enhance the coding speed, and smart developers do this. It helps the coders to avoid wastage of time and use this time to concentrate on the critical task, which is ‘Coding,’ rather than using this time on orientation setup of the coding pages. These shortcuts eventually add a lot of value to the profile of the coder.


Ctrl + Home: Go to the start of the file

Universal Shortcuts for Windows

There are several generic window shortcuts which are used by the expert or experienced coders to save their time and make the work way easier, such as:

  1. Ctrl + Ins — Copy
  2. Ctrl + Z — Undo
  3. Ctrl + F — Find in window/app
  4. Windows + Up arrow — Maximize the current window/app
  5. Alt + Tab — Window Tab move
  6. Shift + Alt + Tab — Reverse window
  7. Ctrl + Shift + Arrow — Move the cursor across the word to next special character or space and highlight that

Idea Shortcuts

There is a huge list of shortcuts that are incorporated into the visual codes of the studio. Some of them which are used by experts are:

  1. Ctrl + Shift + F — Find in all the files
  2. Ctrl + K + U — Uncomment
  3. Alt + Shift + Up arrow — Duplicate line above
  4. Ctrl + Shift + R — Refactor
  5. Ctrl + Shift + R — Refactor
  6. Ctrl + Shift + L — Multi cursor, choose All in File

Shortcuts for the Browser

Hopping from one browser to the other has always been a task. It takes up a few seconds extra to jump to the next tab or open any recent browser with the mouse. Here are some of the browser shortcuts used by the experts to simplify their coding work:

Ctrl + Shift + T: Opens recently closed tab in the browser

Common Shortcuts in Adobe for Designing

Software’s such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator have several simple shortcuts for basic things such as closing, opening, saving, copy, paste, etc. such as:

  1. Copy: Command + C
  2. Paste: Command + V
  3. New: Command + N
  4. Print: Command + P
  5. Undo: Command + Z
  6. Quit: Command + Q
  7. Show or Hide Guides: Command +;
  8. Redo: Command + Option + Z
  9. Show/Hide Grid: Command +. ‘
  10. Save As: Command + S

Illustrator Keyboard Shortcuts

These are the shortcuts that pertain to actions around the diverse topography and vectors. There are keys to grouping and moving things all around. Some of the alternatives are as follows:

  1. Guides

– Show or Hide Smart Guides: Command + U

  • Paste Special

– Paste in Peace: Command + Shift + V

– Paste in Front: Command + F

– Paste in Back: Command + B

  • Adjust Size: Command + Size + <to decrease or> or to increase
  • Send Behind: Command + [
  • Send to Back: Command + Shift + [
  • Lock Selected: Command + 2

The above-stated are some of the fast and easy shortcuts which can be used by web developers to make their work super easy and eventually helping them to save their precious time, which can be used in something more constructive, productive and unique at the same time.

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